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  • Why waste hours trying to research a solution?
  • Are you losing sleep and getting overwhelmed by the paperwork?
  • Why not get the help you need from experienced professionals? They’ve done it all before!
  • The 5 professionals in this easy read book will put you on the right track instantly.
  • Avoid making time-consuming mistakes.
  • Easy and quick read – a book that you can buy for yourself or pass on to others. Get spouses, siblings and other stakeholders on the same page.

Postage within Australia: $5



Moving into an Aged Care Home or helping a loved one with this process is no laughing matter, which is why 5 Easy Ways to Solve the Aged Care Puzzle is illustrated with cartoons!

The 5 professionals in you’ll meet in this book can aid a smooth transition from home to hospital to an Aged Care Home in the location of your choice.

In one hour you can read about the professionals who can reduce your stress, time off work, trawling through websites in the hope of finding a vacancy, and the anxiety of where to start with a lifetime of clutter.

Postage within Australia: $5

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1 review for 5 Easy Ways – print book

  1. Avidadmin

    A very helpfull\ little book… fun read but packed with valuable insights

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